iPad Mini Getting Open Source Game D Game Controller Case Combo

iPad Mini Getting Open Source Game D Game Controller Case Combo


Game D
Some people will tell you that the traditional video game console is dead and that we’re all playing our games on our smartphones and tablets these days. The trouble is that touchscreen controls still leave something to be desired and that’s why products like the Game D continue to be developed.

The Game D is being designed to work with the Apple iPad mini, providing it with real console-style controls in a pretty sleek looking package.

The Game D, which is just a working name and will likely change before the final retail offering, is super slim like the Logitech Ultraslim Keyboard for iPad mini, but it discards the QWERTY in favor of a PlayStation-style D-pad and four face buttons, along with the start and select buttons.

Presumably communicating over Bluetooth, the iPad mini can be docked into the Game D one of three ways. First, it can attach magnetically so that the two devices are in line, offering an experience similar to a really big DS or PSP.

Second, there is a keyboard-style slot toward the back of the Game D where you can place the iPad mini in landscape mode on an angle, not unlike how you’d use a Bluetooth keyboard with your iPad. And third, you can use that same slot to put your iPad mini in portrait mode.

Developer Techdy is currently seeking some crowdsourced funding for the project. Pledge a minimum of $39 to secure your own Game D or upgrade to a $59 pledge for the Pro version that comes with backlit keys, vibration feedback and two analog gamepads. The crowdfunding goal is set for $500,000 with a deadline of May 12.

What do you think, could you see yourself getting a “Game D” controller or perhaps there is another iPad Mini gaming controller that has your fancy? Let us know in the comments below!