Cut the Rope: Time Travel Coming Soon (Video)

Cut the Rope: Time Travel Coming Soon (Video)


It’s been almost 2 years since Zeptolabs released their Cut the Rope: Experiments, the sequel to Cut the Rope, which was introduced back in October 2010. Now, we can get excited again as the developers have just teased about the next generation of the addictive physics-based puzzle game.

The upcoming Cut the Rope game, dubbed Cut the Rope: Time Travel, will arrive sometime in the near future for both iOS and Android. They haven’t released much info about the new game, and all we have is a video which shows Om Nom and his candy being sucked into a mini time machine. We are guessing that this version of the game will feature various settings from the past and the future.

Whatever it’s coming with, it will certainly be interesting as there is time traveling involved. Excited? Well, you are not the only one. Cut The Rope has many fans around the world and has been downloaded over 100 million times since it was launched. We are keeping a look out for more details about the game, so stay tuned to Mobilemag for updates.

Check out the video and do share your thoughts about the upcoming game. The trailer itself is a puzzle, by the way, as they asking for a hidden star in it. Have you found it?