New Apple Patent Hints at iPhone of the Future

New Apple Patent Hints at iPhone of the Future


Have you imagined how an iPhone of the future would look like? What you see above is from the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), and that might be how Apple’s handset might look like sometime in the coming years.

According to the details available, it’s an “electronic device with wrap around display”. The device has a flexible AMOLED screen “rolled up” and placed inside a conical transparent enclosure. The screen real estate available will be way more than what is available with current smartphones and tablets as the device’s display wraps around it. Facial recognition tech will be used to make sure that content is displayed in the user’s field of vision.

Among other features, there will be no physical buttons and gestures will be used to perform actions such as unlocking the handset. Although they are talking about a transparent housing, it is very unlikely that the processor and parts will be visible to a user. And as you can see above, the folks over at Apple have several versions of the design in mind.

It’s a very innovative and cool design, but certainly don’t expect to see something like this anytime soon. There is also always the chance that others will beat Apple to it.

What are your thoughts on Apple’s new design idea, like it or not?