Reports say iOS 7 is Behind Schedule but Will be the Biggest...

Reports say iOS 7 is Behind Schedule but Will be the Biggest Change to Date

apple ios 7

apple ios 7

iOS 6 has been on Apple iPad and iPhone devices for a good while, and fans of Apple’s mobile products are looking forward to seeing what new features iOS 7 will bring to the table.

However, it’s not going to be just new features that iOS 7 promises, but the possibility of a much overdue makeover. From the original iPhone back in 2007 to the latest iPhone 5, there haven’t been any real significant changes to the OS. In comparison Android, and even Windows Phone, barely look anything like their originals.

Ever since Jonathan Ive took over the roll of human interface development, he has promised to bring a more modern look to iOS, one which could see the faux post-it look of notes disappear. In fact each of iOS’s apps could see a more simple redesign, which may not necessarily reflect their real world counterparts.

As you would imagine, with such a big change for iOS, Apple is rumoured to be working overtime on iOS 7 and might actually be behind schedule.  No firm release dates or details of the new version of iOS have been announced but we can expect to get a first official glimpse at it during this years Worldwide Developer Conference.

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