T-Mobile Drops Cellphone Contracts

T-Mobile Drops Cellphone Contracts


Tired of being handcuffed by contracts of your wireless carriers? Maybe you can try T-Mobile. The carrier has become the first of the big four US carriers to do away with service contracts. T-Mobile is stopping cellphone subsidies, and users can now buy smartphones at full prize or pay in installments or bring their own handset and just pay for the plan in a month-to-month basis.

You can choose a plan with unlimited texting and voice, and 500MB of data at just $50 per month. If you want 2GB more data just pay an additional $10 a month. You can add up to 12 GB, $10 for each additional 2 GB. Or you can get unlimited high-speed data for $20 a month.

So, are you interested in T-Mobile’s new offer? Some are already talking about using the AT&T iPhone on T-Mobile’s network. But those who are on Straight Talk which allows you to pay just $45 per month for unlimited text/voice and 2GB of data won’t find T-Mobile’s new package interesting.

As for more info about their plans, we will have to wait for things to get official at their “Uncarrier” event, at which the carrier is also expected to release their version of the BlackBerry Z10 and announce the launch of their LTE in the US, although we are hearing reports that the service is already available in some cities.