Human Powered Helicopter Hits Kickstarter (Video)

Human Powered Helicopter Hits Kickstarter (Video)


Kenneth Huff and his team have been researching and building prototypes of their helicopter for a while now. Their aim is to claim the Sikorsky prize of $250,000 for the “first successful controlled flight of a human-powered helicopter”, but funding is their problem.

What Huff and his team have been doing for the past two years was improving rotor efficiency and they claim that they have developed one of the most efficient rotors out there. Due to a lack of funds they are unable to build a final version of their helicopter. Huff then turned to Kickstarter.

Currently, they have managed just $379 of the $20,000 goal with 6 days to go. If you are willing to help them various rewards including framed posters, a 48-page book or a brass S1223 airfoil cutout are waiting for you. If you have a giant heart and a big wallet, a pledge of $10,000 or more will get you a fully functional, full-scale replica of the final product.

Check out the video to know more about their research and leave your thoughts below. Do you want your own human powered helicopter?