Blackberry 10 Hits 100,000 App Milestone

Blackberry 10 Hits 100,000 App Milestone



Remember when Blackberry announced they would have around 100,000 apps around launch of the Blackberry 10? It looks like they have now got there and have decided to celebrate by adding a few new higher-profile apps to the mix.

Blackberry 10 users now will find themselves having access to the Kindle, OpenTable and Wall Street Journal apps and eBay, Skype, Soundhound and Viber are preparing to launch in the next few weeks.

Although 100,000 isn’t much compared to iOS or Android, it isn’t half bad and does put it closer to Windows Phone’s app count. This is certainly a number worth celebrating, of course it also seems pretty crazy to think that Blackberry was able to pull off this number so quickly.

The truth is that they got there two different ways. First, there are some good Blackberry apps, but there are also quite a few awful ones as well. Second, the vast majority of the apps aren’t natively designed from the ground-up for Blackberry and instead are Android ports.

That said, no matter how you look at it, 100,000 apps (native or not) is a good start. If Blackberry wants to be more successful in the long-haul they need to attract more A+++ apps from iOS and Andriod as well as get more native apps, but you have to start somewhere.

What do you think of Blackberry 10 and their app selection, impressed or not?