HTC One Will Not Be Coming to Verizon After All

HTC One Will Not Be Coming to Verizon After All



Just last week we reported that the HTC One was making its way over to Verizon, it just would be late to the party. Unfortunately we spoke too soon – HTC now confirms that they aren’t bringing their only flagship of the year to Verizon.

HTC USA sent out the above tweet, making it clear that they don’t have any Verizon network plans, and encouraging Verizon users to give the HTC Droid DNA a try instead. While the Droid DNA isn’t a pushover, it isn’t nearly as capable or as sexy as the HTC One, nice try though HTC.

You have to wonder what caused this. After all, Verizon is pretty much the biggest U.S. Carrier, so why not push your flagship there? We may never know the official reason, but it likely either had to do with the other big carriers or with Verizon itself.

Perhaps Verizon felt that bringing out the HTC One would destroy sales and interest in the Droid DNA, or maybe other carriers like AT&T raised a fuss about how Verizon already got a 1080p smartphone from HTC and that it was best for other carriers that Big Red sit this one out.

Regardless of what led to the decision, it has to be more than a little disappointing for long-time HTC fans that happen to be locked into Verizon for whatever reason. Verizon HTC fans out there: what do you think of this announcement, will you go with the HTC Droid DNA, jump ship to another carrier or even consider jumping ship from HTC altogether? Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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