Google Reader Getting the Axe, Petition to Save it Already At 40k+...

Google Reader Getting the Axe, Petition to Save it Already At 40k+ Signatures

Google Reader

Google Reader

Yesterday Google apparently decided that they wanted to piss off a bunch of folks. Yup, they announced plans to kill Google Reader, with the plan to take affect on July 21st.

While not everyone has major love for Google Reader, it is still one of the most useful web-based RSS apps on the web. As a tech blogger, I personally rely on the Reader quite heavily to keep track of a bunch of my most common source sites for news and other information. I also like it for non-work-related net news as well.

What about alternatives? They do thankfully exist, from Feedly to Newsblur and in between. Unfortunately, these sites aren’t used to tons of server traffic though, as proven by the fact that most of these sites are almost IMPOSSIBLE to use right now as they are slow and often giving out errors thanks to unexpected traffic from Google’s Reader announcement.

So that means two solutions: these alternatives will either kick up their servers a notch and we will all move on, or Google will change their minds. The later is my preferred solution, though it is never easy to convince a big company like Google of anything.

If you want to give the idea of changing Google’s mind a shot though, there is a petition already active to keep Google Reader alive, which has ALREADY managed nearly 45,000 signatures.

Are you upset by Google’s announcement? What are your plans: attempt to change Google’s mind or move on to a new RSS reader?

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