Netflix Introduces Facebook Integration for Social Viewers

Netflix Introduces Facebook Integration for Social Viewers


You’re already posting updates on your relationship status. You’re already uploading Instagram-filtered pictures of what you’re having for lunch. Why not show off what you have running on the old boob tube too? Netflix has announced that Facebook integration will be rolling out to all of its US users, allowing these customers to see what their friends have been watching and what they like best.

Thankfully, it is an opt-in system. Only those subscribers who choose to share their viewing habits will have said viewing habits become visible to their friends (and vice versa). When you start watching another episode of Big Bang Theory, for example, that can get posted on your wall and then your friends can comment on your viewing activity. They can tell you why Sheldon is so awesome (or not).

The interesting thing is that while this Facebook integration is only rolling out this week, Netflix announced its intention to do this way back in July 2011. Then, they got hit by the US law that prevents rental companies from publicizing member rental history. They fought it and won. It’s likely that they’ll be expanding the social aspects of their service moving forward. Some GetGlue integration would make a lot of sense, don’t you think?