Search Engine For 3D Printed Gun Parts (Video)

Search Engine For 3D Printed Gun Parts (Video)


This news might be disturbing to many of you especially if you are against the use of guns. Cody Wilson, founder of Austin-based organization Defense Distributed, wanted to make as many gun parts as possible into 3D printable files that can be downloaded from their website Now he has announced plans to launch a new search engine with which people can find 3D printed gun components and other patented stuff.

The upcoming search engine,, will be an improved version of the organization’s current website. Wilson plans to make money from his search startup by hosting paid advertising.

In the video posted below, a very serious Wilson talks about his organization’s history and ideas. He is also talking about 3D printer company Makerbot, which removed 3D printed gun files last year, and its CEO Bre Prettis. Makerbot’s decision of course is sensible as this is a route most companies are not willing to take.

Defense Distributed is going on strong currently, according to Wilson. He says that an ad on has generated about $4,000 a month and the company also receives as much as $2,000 a month in donations. But certainly everything won’t be easy for them, as objections are rising from all around. According to Wired, Wilson is one of the “15 most dangerous people in the world”. Maybe Wilson finds that as good publicity.

Check out the video and leave your thoughts about Wilson and his ideas below.

What do you think: Are easily printed 3D gun components a potential problem, or not?