Spymaster Orcasub: The $2 Million Underwater Plane

Spymaster Orcasub: The $2 Million Underwater Plane


Money can’t buy you everything they say, but it certainly can get you the super cool thing that you see above, provided you are super rich. It’s a $2 million private submarine, named Orcasub, from Spymaster which has been unveiled at the Harrods Technology 2.0 showcase.

Controlled by joystick and pedals for thrust, lift and drag, the 22ft-long 4-ton Orcasub has been designed to descend to 1,000ft. It can bank, curve and turn similar to a private plane, and it provides 80 hours of life support in each of its two pods.

Other features include sonar to avoid collision, a digital long-range communication system, and a 60,000 lumen lighting system. And in case you are finding it hard to spend for getting an Orcasub for your private island, maybe you will be impressed with the $9.32-million version which descends to 6,000ft. And also, Spymaster’s offer includes five days of training.

It’s certainly a heavily priced toy, but that cost will be nothing for the people that it’s targeted at. So, what do you think? Check out the gallery below to take a peek at the mock-up of the Orcasub from various angles.