No Firefox Browser for iOS Coming Anytime Soon

No Firefox Browser for iOS Coming Anytime Soon



If you have been hoping for Mozilla’s Firefox browser to make the leap on to your iOS devices screen then you might be in for a long wait.

According to a recent report over on CNET, Mozilla has stated they are not interested in bringing Firefox to iOS until Apple relaxes its tight rules and regulation for third party browsers. The issue seems to be with the fact Apple will only allow third party browsers to use UIWebView to render sites while Safari on iOS makes use of the Nitro, a much faster rendering engine.

Firefox want’s to bring it’s own rendering platform to iOS, but with Apple’s current rules this would be impossible. While we might not see a fully-fledged Firefox browser on iOS anytime soon, we might see something else based on Mozilla’s iPad browser prototype named Junior.

Does it bother you that there isn’t yet a version of Firefox for iOS, or are you fine with the current iOS browser choices?

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