Cambridge Consultants Develop New System for Indoor Navigation

Cambridge Consultants Develop New System for Indoor Navigation



GPS is often very unreliable indoors, leading to the creation of different types of indoor navigation.  Unfortunately, these systems often require a wireless signal, which is also sometimes sketchy indoors, or a custom infrastructure which is also not always reliable and inconsistent.  Cambridge Consultants are working to develop a yet to be named system that solves this problem by utilizing low powered sensors and a custom formula that doesn’t require any already existing framework.

According to the UK company, all you will need is a smartphone that has a magnetometer, gyroscope and accelerometers, which most smartphones do, and their specially developed Bayesian algorithm.  With their concept, you can either map your location directly on your device or send it remotely to an offsite storage system.  Cambridge Consultants is developing this system with Firefighters and hospital workers, but the potential for other applications is endless. What do you think, could this could soon be commonplace technology?

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