Smartphone App To Manage Your Entire Home (Video)

Smartphone App To Manage Your Entire Home (Video)


You are miles away from your home and suddenly you get the feeling that you left the door unlocked or the lights on. Of course you can call a relative or your best friend with a spare key, but you won’t have to do that if you have the Prizm Manager mobile app in your smartphone or tablet.

What you see above is Prizm, a 5-inch touchscreen controller, which utilizes the Z-Wave wireless system to help you communicate with your home appliances. With this gadget and your app, you can turn light switches on and off, lock and unlock doors, control shades, and the tech even notifies you when a door or window is opened, so you will know when someone is trying to leave or enter your house.

Prizm’s makers have apparently developed a cloud platform that will allow you to “stay connected to your home from anywhere in the world”.

Prizm is a kickstarter project and its creators are looking for help to enter production. So far, they have raised $12,311 with a $200,000 goal and 27 days to go. Check out the video below to know more about Prizm and tell us what you think about it.