InSight App: Recognition for Google Glass

InSight App: Recognition for Google Glass



A team of scientists at Duke University are attempting to assist us in some everyday identification.  They are attempting to develop an app called InSight.  This app pairs with Google Glass in attempt to recognize your friends based on more than just their face.  It will also identify them based on what they wear.  For it to work, it simply needs you to input some samples from friends to identify what they normally wear.  InSight then uses colors, textures and patterns to mark the individual.  This could be utilized to pick out a friend in a crowd and maybe even eventually upload this information from social media like Facebook.

While I know what you are thinking, “Why would I need InSight to tell me who my friends are?”  The possibilities are endless once this technology is developed.  It could be made to instantly tag your friends in Facebook photos, or even discreetly remind you of someone’s name you met at that party last weekend.

Does this sound like something you’d like?  What other possibilities can you come up with for this technology?

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