Dreambox is a 3D Printer Vending Machine

Dreambox is a 3D Printer Vending Machine

Dreambox 3d printer

Dreambox 3d printer

Vending machines are super useful. You can grab a cold coke on a hot day, tasty snack in-between meals and, if you’re in Japan, discard lingerie when the need arises.

But what about for those times you need something a little out of the ordinary, like those times you need a custom made candle stick holder, prototype suspension linkage or emergency replacement chess pieces? Now, thanks to the Dreambox, a vending machine will dispense 3D-printed models.

The Dreambox is the invention of 3 students at the University of California, Berkeley. The trio were frustrated that conventional 3D printers weren’t easily accessible so they decided to create their own which can be accessed whenever needed.

Designs can be either sent to the Dreambox via computer or connected USB and once printed a text message is sent to say you can pick your model up. The start-up is currently taking orders for their creation which they hope will be a common site in universities in the future.

What do you think of the concept, intrigued?

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