New Rumor Claims ‘Budget’ iPhone Will Use Qualcomm Processor

New Rumor Claims ‘Budget’ iPhone Will Use Qualcomm Processor



When it comes to Apple iPad and iPhone products, custom chips is the name of the game. As rumors continue to surround the existence of a low-end iPhone for debut this year, things could change.

According to a new report by China Times, the budget-oriented iPhone will be powered instead by a Qualcomm Snapdragon SoC. Going with a Qualcomm SoC will help them further cut costs, or so says the report.

The report further claims that it will be a 28nm class of Qualcomm Snapdragon, which means it would likely be the Snapdragon 400. Keep in mind that it is still very unclear whether or not a budget iPhone is more than a rumor in the first place.

If the budget device exists, I would think it more likely they would either still rely in-house or if marketed specifically at China, they could go with a Chinese chipset maker. Is there a chance all of this is rumor-mongering and nothing more? You bet there is.

For now, we can’t say for sure one way or another, but take everything you hear about the ‘budget’ iPhone with a grain of salt. Do you think Apple would/is considering a cheaper iPhone model that could help win over the developing world and budget-concerned consumers in major markets like Europe and North America?

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