Samsung Galaxy S3 Bug Allows You to Bypass the Lock Screen

Samsung Galaxy S3 Bug Allows You to Bypass the Lock Screen


Samsung Galaxy S3

A smartphone is as sacred as your diary, and much like your diary you want might want to keep all your personal details, private messages, saucy apps and photos to yourself. Thankfully most phone users can simply set up a password protected lock screen and your secrets will be safe, but owners of the Samsung Galaxy S3 aren’t so lucky.

A new exploit allows anyone to be able to bypass the lock screen on your S3 with very little effort. All someone has to do to get hold of your most private of privates is simply:

  1. Hit Emergency call.
  2. Enter the Emergency Contacts menu.
  3. Press the Home button.
  4. Quickly press the Power button directly after the Home button.
  5. If you were quick enough you will have an unlocked Galaxy S3 in your grasp

We haven’t managed to try this method, but we have been told that you may have to try a few times to get the timing right, and apparently once successful the lock screen will remain deactivated until the phone is rebooted. If you have access to an S3 give this workaround a go and let us know if you could pull it off.

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