Samsung Continues Teasing About March 14th Galaxy S4 Unveil

Samsung Continues Teasing About March 14th Galaxy S4 Unveil


The much anticipated Samsung Galaxy S4 will be unveiled on the 14th in New York and we are pretty sure that as the time of announcement nears we will see plenty of leaks and rumors related to the handset. We also will see many teasers from Samsung such as the one that you see above, as the company needs to publicize its latest and greatest device as much as possible.

The new teaser invites the public to the Times Square where visitors will get to watch the livestream of the Samsung Unpacked event. But we don’t think Samsung wants you to go to there just to watch the event, you might even get hands on experience with the device as the invite also says “experience Samsung’s new flagship smartphone”.

An unveiling at the Radio City Music Hall along with a public event at Times Square will certainly give the device good publicity in the US, which is a very crucial market for Samsung. And there could be more about the new teaser. Last year, when inviting everyone for S3’s event, Samsung hinted the glazed finish of the device. The dot pattern that you see above could be that of the S4 and it looks like a glossy plastic back cover for a black S4.