Machinarium Finally Gaining Support for Nexus 7 and Other Devices

Machinarium Finally Gaining Support for Nexus 7 and Other Devices



Nothing is more disappointing than making your way to the Google Play store on a newly purchased mobile handset or tablet to find that your favorite games aren’t compatible. In a time where developers have to cater for all kinds of different hardware, screen sizes and resolutions, you’ll often find yourself with a device that just can’t play some games you may have been able to on another device.

Machinarium has been popular since its mobile release onto the Play Store, however some users, especially those with Nexus 7s, have complained about not being able to download the game.

Today HotHead games has pushed out an update to allow compatibility for more devices previously incapable of downloading the game. Although HotHead hasn’t released any patch notes or information on the change, from looking at the comments section on the Google Play store it looks as if the game is now downloadable on the Nexus 7, Nexus 10, the Transformer Pad TF300, among a few others.

Previously, Nexus 10 owners complained about problems with the game running slowly on the Samsung tablet, however the new fix seems to have changed this, but added a new problem in its place. You can download and play the game at a decent frame rate now, but the image is shown in a small box in the center of the screen. This can be fixed though by going into the developer options of your tablet and checking ‘Force 4x MSAA.’

Judging by the Nexus 10 issue, it’s most likely that the previous compatibility error was due to resolution problems, so if you couldn’t manage to play the game before, you may want to try again now.