Leap Motion Controller To Ship In May

Leap Motion Controller To Ship In May


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Less than a year ago, Leap Motion came out and turned heads with the Leap, their amazing gesture recognizing tech. We have good news for those of you who were impressed by the tiny device and pre-ordered it. The device starts shipping on the 13th of May.

There’s nothing to worry in case you couldn’t make up your mind and missed ordering the device as it will be available at Best Buy on May 19th with a price tag of $80. The company is also opening Airspace, the system’s exclusive app store, sometime in May.

Just in case you are new to the Leap, you connect it to your computer via USB and it creates a virtual workspace within which it tracks all ten of your fingers at the same time. It is accurate enough to let you use your gestures to pinch-to-zoom or even manipulate 3D-rendered objects. Sometime in the future, the device might even end up inside laptops, smartphones and tablets.

So, are you interested in the new device? Or is that price tag a tad more than what you expected?