Harvard Tablet App For Monitoring Concussions (Video)

Harvard Tablet App For Monitoring Concussions (Video)


Neuromuscular problems, as you might know, are difficult to diagnose as doctors do not possess an analysis tool for quantitatively measuring the performance of the patients. Doctors have to rely on qualitative or subjective info. Well, that may not be the case from now on. Introducing NeuroAssess, the technology developed by the researchers at Harvard University’s Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering.

It’s a tablet app which may help doctors to measure quantitatively the neuromuscular performance of, say, aged patients or a sportsperson with a concussion.

All that a patient has to do is use a stylus to trace a moving target around the circle that’s on the tablet’s screen. The rest is done by the app. It measures the slightest deviations from the circle and the data it collects will be analyzed based on age, sex and handedness, and the final result will be a score.

The researchers have already done tests on 150 healthy people aged 21 to 95 and so they have baseline data. So now the researchers can test the app on patients.

Lei Stirling, a Wyss senior staff engineer, says, “One day it might sit next to the thermometer and pressure cuff in the doctor’s office. Just as your blood pressure is recorded during every visit, so could your neuromuscular score be tracked over time to determine progress through recovery and rehabilitation.”

Check out the video to know more.