Youtube Player Deluxe Listed as $999.99 at Windows Store

Youtube Player Deluxe Listed as $999.99 at Windows Store

Youtube Player Deluxe

Youtube Player Deluxe

While the Windows 8 app store continues to grow in number, it is still missing several apps that would be considered key to a modern, social-driven app experience. Some of these apps include official Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and Yahoo programs. Luckily there are several decent 3rd party alternatives to help fill the void. Unfortunately there are a few scams as well.

One of these scam apps is called “YouTube Player Deluxe”.

What makes this YouTube client a scam? The price tag: $999.99. The publisher T.O.K. Offers an app that they claim allows you to “watch a stream, share videos and access personal content from YouTube”. Here’s the full list of features in this extremely expensive app:

  • Share videos with your friends, family …
  • Search on Youtube or watch videos from the “standardfeeds”
  • Clear, simple and beautiful design (blue theme)
  • Connect with your Youtube Account to get access to your personal content
  • Comments, related videos, author-pages…
  • Livetile
  • No advertising

The big question is whether the price tag is intentional, or merely a mess up. Visiting their publisher page indicates that they app is currently broken and that an update is coming – though the app’s page in Windows Store doesn’t even let you know that it won’t work.

More than likely it is an accident, but it could also be a scam/ploy where they hope people will just click the “buy” button without looking at the price tag or something along those lines.

While it would be nice if Microsoft would weed out apps like this that seem “suspicious”, they aren’t the only company to have ever approved an app with such a high price tag and yet little functional value for the pricing. Not that terribly long ago the “I am Rich” iOS app even saw eight buyers despite having no real purpose, though it was eventually pulled by Apple.

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