Researchers Craft Fully Working Robotic Bat Wings

Researchers Craft Fully Working Robotic Bat Wings


Robotic Bat Wings

Ever wondered how exactly bats fly? You aren’t alone. Researchers at brown University were quite interested in the topic, but knew that these flying mammals aren’t exactly easy to work with. Instead, they decided to study the animal and then create a biologically accurate robotic bat wings for further examination.

The working model perfectly mimics how bat wings work in every way. This information has helped the Brown researchers learn a lot about how a bat’s muscles and ligaments work together to allow flight and keep the animal intact while flapping its wings.

So what does designing accurate robotic bat wings do for mankind exactly? Actually, learning more about the secrets to bat flight could prove beneficial to crafting more energy efficient lightweight aircraft and could give us ideas for improving aerodynamics on flying devices in general.

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