Dennis Tito Planning Mission to Mars for 2018

Dennis Tito Planning Mission to Mars for 2018



It looks like we might be making one small step for man and a giant leap for mankind once again, this time onto Mars, at least if American entrepreneur Dennis Tito has anything to say about it.

Tito has now announced that his new non-profit organization, Inspiration Mars Foundation, hopes to launch their mission to Mars in January of 2018. The idea is to send participants to Mars and then back again to Earth in an epic adventure that will take roughly 501 days to complete.

For those that don’t know or have simply forgotten, Dennis Tito is best known for his trip to the International Space Station, where he paid $20 million to visit as a civilian tourist. The big question here though is how much a mission to Mars will end up costing, whether its feasible and if everything will actually go as planned.

More details about the effort are expected to be revealed on February 27th at a special press conference in Washington DC where Dennis Tito and a panel of experts will talk further about the matter. One of the speakers for the panel will be Dr. Jonathan Clark, a space medicine advisor for the National Space Biomedical research Institute. Clark is likely being added to the panel to discuss human health-related issues and concerns.

Tito hopes that the effort will spark new interest and knowledge in the quest for further space exploration. What do you think, is a manned mission to Mars even necessary at this point with drones and robots becoming advanced enough to safely make the trip for us?

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