Social Media Updates from Beyond the Grave

Social Media Updates from Beyond the Grave


What happens to your Facebook and Twitter accounts after you die? The assumption is that your presence in social media will simply fade away, but thanks to services like LivesOn and DeadSocial, that doesn’t have to be the case. It can be far, far creepier.

In the case of LivesOn, which launches next month, the service analyzes what you do online while you’re still alive, using algorithms to effectively create a digital version of you. When you do kick the bucket, your Facebook and Twitter profiles will live on as LivesOn will favorite tweets, share links, and do other social media-ish things on your behalf. In a sense, you get a digital avatar that lives on forever, mimicking the behavior that it recorded while you were still among the living.

If that’s too offensive of a “digital legacy” for you, then DeadSocial might be a little more palatable. Instead of algorithms feeding into your social profiles, you simply pre-write a series of updates and messages that can then be sent out posthumously on Facebook and Twitter. It’s still a little creepy, as you’re sort of writing from beyond the grave, but at least they’re your own words.

Would you use either of these two services? What should happen to your social media presence when you die? Should it simply pass away with you?