Google Glass Competition Gives You A Chance To Buy Google Glasses

Google Glass Competition Gives You A Chance To Buy Google Glasses


Have $1500 to spare and really want a pair of Google Glass headware sooner rather than later? Google is giving you the chance, thanks to a new competition that will give non-developers a chance to get their hands on the computerized glasses.

The competition asks you to take to Google+ or Twitter and outline what you would do if you have the device. Obviously they are looking for some big, unique ideas here. Unfortunately for those outside the US, this competition only works for those in the states.

If you are one of the 8,000 chosen as a Glass Explorer you will have the opportunity ti order the Glass Explorer Edition and there will be special pick-up sessions in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Keep in mind – you aren’t getting a free pair here, just the opportunity to get the device as soon as possible compared to other consumers. The cost of the glasses is, as mentioned earlier, $1500.

The deadline for the competition is February 27th. For a closer look at Google Glass and how it could enhance your digital lifestyle, take a look at the awesome video below.

What do you think of Google Glass, would you be willing to pay $1500 to pick up the device or do you feel that the price is too steep considering that many of the things it can do you can easily do with a mobile phone or tablet instead?

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