US President Flash Drives? Yes, Really

US President Flash Drives? Yes, Really


Mimobot has set a new record, most presidential flash drives ever created.  Well to be fair they are the only ones that have done so thus far, but come on guys you have to see the obvious market for this!

Mimobot created cartoonish versions of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln with working flash drives.   Both USB 2.0 drives are available in 8, 16 and 128GB variations for $20, $30 and $130.  There is a limited number of the George Washington model, only 1000, so you better jump while they last!

These look like awesome gift ideas, or just something for yourself.  My only gripe is Lincoln doesn’t have a top hat, I mean come on, obvious oversight on that one.

Would you pick one or both of these up? Or do you feel that the extra “premium” on the price isn’t worth it?

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