Booze Pill Could Someday Make You Sober Up Faster

Booze Pill Could Someday Make You Sober Up Faster


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When it comes to drinking, sometimes situations arise where you need to sober up quickly. What if there was a magic booze pill you could pop that could help you reduce your blood alcohol levels quickly, when the demand needs? That’s essentially what UCLA professor Yunfeng Lu and USC’s Cheng Ji are working on.

The researchers behind this project have found a way to combine two enzymes and wrap them in a nanoscale shell, effectively creating a booze pill. In tests on drunken mice they have found that injecting the enzyme nanocapsule brings alcohol levels dropping much quickly than mice without the “treatment”.

How does it all work? Basically it is “almost like having millions of liver cell units inside your stomach or in your intestine, helping you to digest alcohol,” says Professor Lu. Imagine the potential here not just for helping people sober up, but even helping bring down alcohol levels quickly for those who have consumed lethal amounts.

While the work in progress could eventually go towards creating an oral alcohol antidote, it doesn’t end there. The research conducted by Lu and Ji could also be used for other enzyme-based treatments including hair loss prevention and more.

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