Library of Congress Unveils Audio Preservation Plan

Library of Congress Unveils Audio Preservation Plan


Library of Congress

There are many audio recordings of important and historical events stored at the Library of Congress in Washington DC.  However, many of these recording are becoming damaged and lost due to being stored on deteriorating formats and in conditions not suited for the fragile medium in which they are recorded.  As a result, the Library has announced the National Recording Preservation Plan, in an attempt to preserve these recordings for generations to come.

Among the plans, is a recommendation to create an archive of the recordings that will be accessible to everyone.  As the plan sits now, you will still have to take a trip to the Library of Congress to actually hear these recordings, but there are future plans to hopefully work out the necessary licensing agreements to allow the recordings to be streamed online for all.

In total, there are 32 recommendations in the plan, which also includes a university degree program for audio archiving, to prevent these problems from happening in the future.  It is very important that this work is finally being recognized as necessary because once these files are lost, they will never be recovered.

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