Possible Pictures of iPhone 5S in Production

Possible Pictures of iPhone 5S in Production


iPhone 5S

This seems to happen every year: low quality pictures get leaked of an upcoming phone, and occasionally we’ll see images of the phone being manufactured. Magically enough, we never actually see the handset in its full glory until it’s official announcement.

The same thing has happened with a Chinese website which has recently uploaded images of what is said to be the iPhone 5S. Of course there aren’t any images of the full phone, however there are pictures of what is allegedly the next generation iPhone in production.

There aren’t very many noticeable differences between what is being shown and the original iPhone 5. The chipset does look slightly different, but other this, I don’t really see any change.

It’s currently unknown what Apple are planning to bring into play this year, and other than the obvious rumors following next gen phones and tablets, rumors have spread about a possible iPhablet and even an Apple smartwatch. Are you interested in the Apple iPhone 5S or not?