HTC M7 will officially be name the HTC One

HTC M7 will officially be name the HTC One


HTC m7Notoriously accurate Twitter tipster, @Evleaks is reporting that HTC will be renaming the M7 as simply the HTC One one the phone is finally launched.

Those of us following the news of the new flagship HTC have referred to the 4.7-inch phone by its internal codename, and we have gotten quite use to the HTC M7 name, so to hear that it will finally be called the “One” is a little bit of a disappointment. From a marketing point of view the name seems odd further still as many less savvy phone buyers will likely mistake the HTC One as an inferior phone to say the HTC One X and One X+, which are in fact older phones.

We will have to wait unit Feb 19th HTC press event to see if the rumours are true. In the meantime what do you guys think of the new name? Do you think that they should have simply went with the HTC M7 codename as the final name or not?

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