Apple Fans are Slacking Off According to Consumer Loyalty Index

Apple Fans are Slacking Off According to Consumer Loyalty Index


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If I was to write “Apple sucks” at the start of this very article it would be ridiculous for me to believe there wasn’t at least one Apple fan out there seething in their own corner of the internet telling anyone who listen just how superior the iPhone actually is. However, when it comes down to facts, it seems Apple’s loyal fan base has slipped and they have been overtaken by rivals such as Samsung and even Amazon.

In a recent Consumer Loyalty Index survey conducted by Brand Keys, Samsung now has the most loyal consumer base in the smartphone market, with Apple coming in second and LG a close third.

The tablet category tells a similar story, but Amazon is the customer’s favorite this time around with Samsung joining Apple in second place.

Brand Key’s President, Robert Passikoff believes that the shift in consumer loyalty could be due to Apple’s apparent lack in innovation (or at least perceived lack). The iPhone has remained largely unchanged since its introduction and the iPad mini is seen as more of a reaction to rival tablets rather than progressive thinking.

Any Apple fans out their care to let us know what they think? Is Apple loyalty really slipping and if so, what’s the cause?

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