Blackberry Q10 Still Many Months Away From U.S. Launch

Blackberry Q10 Still Many Months Away From U.S. Launch


Although Blackberry have been ecstatic about impressive sales in the UK and Canada, the United States is still missing out on the Blackberry Z10 and Blackberry Q10, and for the latter of the new BB10 models, a long wait is ahead before it does reach the US market.

Thorsten Heins, CEO of Blackberry has shared to the Associated Press earlier this week that the Q10 full-qwerty Blackberry phone will not be introduced to the US smartphone space till about eight to ten weeks after the release of the Z10 full-touchscreen model. Furthermore, the Z10 won’t reach the United States till around March. According to Heins, part of the delay is due to carrier’s ‘rigid testing system,’ but he has added that he will try hard to work with the carriers to speed up the process.

This is a bad situation for Blackberry in regards to the US market space, particularly because right now the market lacks 2013 flagship devices available for retail. By pushing the release till around March-May for both handsets, Blackberry are digging their own grave. A lot of manufacturers will use MWC to grab consumer’s attention later this month, and there’s no doubt that the Galaxy S4 and HTC M7 will soon be revealed to the world.

Blackberry has already had trouble gathering market space in the United States in the past, and pushing the release closer to other smartphone announcements is really going to wreck their sales potential. Blackberry is going to have to hope for a miracle to get the Blackberry Z10 and Q10 to sell well against its competition in the United States later this quarter.

Do you think Blackberry’s BB10 has enough to compete with the current smartphone offering on the market?