Wii U Controller Makes Its Way to Your PC

Wii U Controller Makes Its Way to Your PC


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Ever had the urge to use a new Wii U controller for gaming and other activities on your PC?  Developer and modder Chris Manning has bridged the gap and created software that makes it possible.

He has enabled the Nintendo’s Wii U big pad controller to communicate with your PC systems and even was kind enough to make the software available to you for download so you can mess around with this tweak as well. According to Manning, he isn’t done there, he is now working to release a new update that will allowing streaming to work and add touch screen support to the Wii U pad.

Chris adds, “Follow the readme.txt closely!  This requires a bit of technical know-how to get working.” Below is a video of the software in action and a link to download your own copy.

Without touch and streaming capabilities, the use potential for this Wii U Controller ‘mod’ is limited at this stage, but there is plenty of future potential here. What do you think?


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