128GB LTE Retina iPad Just Shy of $1k, Shipping in 1 to...

128GB LTE Retina iPad Just Shy of $1k, Shipping in 1 to 3 Business Days


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If you’re a storage space fanatic, I can understand why you may need 128GB for your music, files and movies, and Apple seem to understand this as well. But because of the lack of external storage support, the only way to bolster up your memory is to buy a brand new model. The new 128GB iPad fetches a heavy price, and for $799, over three quarters of a grand, you can get yourself one straight from Apple. The iPad 128GB comes in both black and white, and will ship within 1-3 business days according to Apple’s sales page.

If you’re looking for a cellular connected iPad, you can grab yourself the 128GB LTE for $929. The iPad supports Verizon, Sprint and AT&T, however the LTE variant unfortunately has a longer 3-5 business day delivery.

When comparing the 128GB version to the other storage space options, you’ll notice each jump in storage space doubles up internal memory, whilst adding $100 each time. As far as Apple goes, an extra 64GB for $100 isn’t bad, and there isn’t much on the market right now that offers such a high storage space option.

Is 128GB really needed on a tablet? With HD movies and sound filling up your device, it does make sense, however with a lot of users nowadays using streaming services and cloud storage,  it seems the new 128GB version will really only appeal to the really hardcore app and storage users out there.