iOS 6 and 6.1 Jailbreak Arriving Sometime Later Today

iOS 6 and 6.1 Jailbreak Arriving Sometime Later Today



The time has almost arrived. Late last night the team behind the evasi0n jailbreak officially confirmed that their jailbreak solution would in fact be ready sometime today. Taking a quick look at their website you’ll notice a “status bar” with a percent by it. As of the time of the writing of this article, it reads 97% complete. When it reaches 100%, the jailbreak will have arrived.

For those wondering, this jailbreak tool will work with the iPod Touch, iPad, iPad Mini and all iPhones capable of running iOS 6 through iOS 6.1. Additionally this is the very first tool that provides support for the 4th-gen iPad and iPhone 5. Even better, this is a totally untethered solution.

Hopefully not much longer before we can update you with the final release information and instructions. Are you ready to finally break your iOS 6 device free from its chains? What unlocked features/apps are you most looking forward to using once jailbroken?

UPDATE: The jailbreak has now arrived. Click here for download information and installation instructions.

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