Recommended Apps for your iOS 6.0 or iOS 6.1 Jailbroken Device

Recommended Apps for your iOS 6.0 or iOS 6.1 Jailbroken Device

iOS 6.1 jialbroken

iOS 6.1 Jailbroken

Apple iPad and iPhone users rejoice, an iOS 6.x jailbreak solution for all iDevices has finally arrived. Now that you can get your jailbreak on, what are some of the jailbroken apps you are most looking forward too?

We’ve put together a list of some of the apps and tweaks that are considered the “best”, and could likely end up as must-haves. Keep in mind that while most of these should already work with iOS 6, they might not be quite yet optimized for the iPhone 5 and there may be some other issues to work out.

That said, most of the developers are working hard to ensure their apps are compatible with iOS 6 and 6.1 as soon as possible.


What’s Now Now? Basically this is a jailbreak tweak that allows you to press and hold the home botton and launch Google Voice search as an alternative to Siri. Keep in mind that this isn’t the full “Google Now” experience as you would get with an Android Jelly Bean device– but it is as close as you’ll find with iOS.

Also worth mentioning, Google Voice Search doesn’t communicate with other iOS apps, so no setting appointments or anything of that nature. Instead, this is a way to get more accurate voice search than perhaps you feel you’d get with Siri.

Browser Chooser

Although Safari is a solid browser choice, for whatever reason, you might decide to go a different route. Maybe Google Chrome, maybe Firefox OS or even something else.

Regardless of what alternative you use, you’ll notice that clicking on links will still often end up bringing you to Safari. With Browser Chooser you can actually set a different browser as the default.

A simple tweak, but a useful one nonetheless.


This unique app switcher favors small cards instead of app icons, additionally it adds alot of extra functionality including the ability to easily kill multiple apps, a great new music player integrated and easy access to settings like Wi-Fi, Airplane and much more.

IntelliScreen X

IntelliScreen X has been around for a while now, but it is still one of the most useful programs out there, providing a great Notification Center ‘tweak’ that allows you to read status updates, post new tweets, quickly respond to SMS, Email and much more.

5 Icon Dock

This one isn’t that “impressive” of a tweak, but it is nonetheless useful. Basically it adds the ability to add a 5th icon to the dock. Simple, but ultimately rather useful.


*According to one of our readers, this one is confirmed to NOT be compatible with iOS 6.1 just yet, hopefully soon.*

AssistantLove has several unique features that extend the functionality of Siri. The two biggest features have to do with GPS and music.

For music, AssistantLove takes Siri beyond controlling music directly on your device, giving you the ability to force the playback of any Spotify track as well. Of course you’ll need to have a Spotify Premium account.

As for GPS? With AssistantLove there is integration for Waze, MotionX-GPS, Navigon and TomTom. This means Siri can ask for directions and the program of your choice can launch with the current device location and specifcied destination information already in place.


This is exactly what it sounds like, a file explorer. Ifile makes it easy to create, modify or explore anything and everythign with iOS’ file structure. This also makes it easy to install packages without having to know terminal commands.

Summing it up…

Is that it? Of course not, there are unlimited possibilities out there when it comes to apps and tweaks for your jailbreak iDevice.

This is a good starter list, and one that I hope to expand with the help of our readers. Is there a specific tweak or app that you’d recommend to those new to the jailbreaking scene? If so, mention it in the comments below. App suggestions with a high amount of upvotes will be added in as an edit to this guide.