iOS 6 and iOS 6.1 Jailbreak Officially Released

iOS 6 and iOS 6.1 Jailbreak Officially Released

iOS 6.1 Jailbreak

iOS 6.1 Jailbreak

As expected, the Evasi0n jailbreak tool has now officially been released today! The new tool includes support for both older iOS 6 and 6.1 devices and newer iDevices like the iPhone 5, iPad 4 and iPad Mini.

The new jailbreak method is designed to work with Mac, Linux or Windows machines. Before taking the jump, remember to backup your device using iTunes or iCloud. This is important in case something goes wrong and prevents data lose.

Next, disable the lock passcode for your device before using the Evasi0n jailbreak software. Next, remember to not launch Xcode or iTunes while the jailbreaking process is running.

Besides iOS 6.0 and 6.1, the jailbreak solution also supports 6.0.1 and 6.0.2.

So now what?

1)First, grab the Windows, Linux or Mac software that works with your PC.

2)Ensure iTunes and Xcode aren’t running, then start the jailbreak too. Connect your iDevice.

3)Click jailbreak button, wait for tool to complete.

4)Once complete, you’ll find a Jailbreak app on the homescreen. Tap this and wait for it to go back to homescreen.

5)Finally, your phone/tablet will reboot and you should find Cydia installed.

Good luck and congratulations on (hopefully) successfully managing to jailbreak your device. If you run into problems or are looking for more details, head over to the official Evasi0n website for more information.