Blackberry Z10 Showing Up Unlocked on Ebay, For $1000+

Blackberry Z10 Showing Up Unlocked on Ebay, For $1000+


Blackberry Z10

Desperately wanting the new Blackberry Z10? For those with near-endless supplies of cash, you can always hit up Ebay.

It seems that the Blackberry Z10 has already managed to arrive totally unlocked at everyone’s favorite online auction site. So how much do you have to pay for such a device? Easily over $1000, from the looks of it.

While this is a pretty high asking price, for those that absolutely like having something early that will stand out in the crowd, the option is there. Just keep in mind that you are paying nearly a $300-$500 premium over the expected unlocked price of the handset.

The other problem with dropping $1000 on the Z10 so early is that this is the time that is ripe for scammers. The UK already has the phone on sale which ensures that SOME of these auctions might be legit, but you should still be very careful with checking feedback and other details.

So anyone out there willing to drop this kind of cash on the Blackberry Z10 or are you more than willing to wait a bit longer?

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