Apple was the Number One US Mobile Phone Vendor in Q4

Apple was the Number One US Mobile Phone Vendor in Q4



For the last five years Samsung has held strong as the number one mobile phone vendor in the United States, in large part thanks both to high end Android devices like the Galaxy S3 and Note 2, and lower-end devices as well.

Now Apple has finally taken their spot, for the 4th quarter of 2012, selling 17.7 million iPhones. In comparison, Samsung sold 16.8 million phones and LG was a distant third at 4.7 million.

So is this a change that will stick? Probably not. Momentum from the iPhone 5 could be a big part of this Q4 gain. While Apple does very well in the United States, it is hard to compete with Samsung’s massive line-up of both smartphones and feature phones. Its also known that the Samsung Galaxy S4 isn’t too terribly far away from launching.

For the whole year, Samsung was the leader in fact. It was just in Q4 that things swung in Apple’s favor. Still, it’s hard not to be impressed that Apple manages such a large amount of marketshare with just a few iPhone models on sale (iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4) versus the countless number of Samsung, LG and other Android phones on the market.

What do you think, can Apple continue to hang on to the top spot in the United States in 2013 or not?

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