Nokia Lumia 920 Service Manual Leaked

Nokia Lumia 920 Service Manual Leaked


Nokia Lumia 920

Are you the techie type that grew up disassembling your dad’s lawnmower and taking apart the microwave?  If so and you are Nokia Lumia 920 owner, then listen up because this will surely interest you.

The Service Manual for the Lumia 920 has been leaked.    It offers detailed instructions on how to disassemble the handset.  Also included is a list of part numbers and other useful tidbits.  This could save a ton of money for the techy home repairman or just the curious owner.

Keep in mind however that cracking open the phone surely voids the warranty and runs the risk of bricking the phone.  So whether you plan on cracking yours open to modify it, repair it or just check the manual for personal information, you’re welcome to give it a go but do so with caution.


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