Kyocera Torque Coming to Spring Soon, Rugged and Tough

Kyocera Torque Coming to Spring Soon, Rugged and Tough


Kyocera Torque

Sprint has recently released information concerning their new Android 4.0 smartphone, the Kyocera Torque, and its availability for purchase on the Sprint network.

Not only does this phone tote a 1.2 GHz Snapdragon processor, 4G LTE connectivity, 5-megapixel camera and 4 GB of storage, but its rugged safety features will guarantee that this smartphone lives through significant wear and tear. With water, dust, and even shockproof features, this phone can survive numerous different situations that an outgoing outdoorsman could put it through. In fact, you could dunk this phone in water for 30 minutes and it would still come out working just as well as when you first bought it.

However, this rugged design takes away from the outward appearance of the phone. Of course with the rugged design features of this phone, superficiality is a small price to pay when you are being rewarded with such a “life-proof” device. Adding to its already extensive list of incredible features, this smartphone sports a 4-inch WVGA screen, making for an easy to read display. Additionally, the phone features what is known as Smart Sonic Receiver Technology, allowing one to make phone calls and receive crystal clear sound even in the most noisy and disruptive environments.

It has not been revealed when this phone will come on the market, but some early estimates indicate that it will be released sometime in mid to late February. Needless to say, many are anxious to get their hands on this rugged and multifunctional device. Do you like the idea of having a near-indestructible device? Should more manufacturers focus on making devices with better structural integrity? Let us know in the comments below.