HTC Thunderbolt Finally Getting Android ICS Update

HTC Thunderbolt Finally Getting Android ICS Update


HTC Thunderbolt

Remember the HTC Thunderbolt? I don’t blame you if you totally forgot about it. For those that are still clinging to the device, good news: ICS is coming.

After all this time, you probably never dreamed of this day. Now that it has come, you probably are already preparing for an upgrade. Still, for those that want to hang on to the HTC Thunderbolt a little longer, ICS should give the aging handset a little bit of a renewed life.

Right now Verizon’s support page for the handset says it is “coming soon” though it hasn’t given an official date or timeframe for the roll out. The important thing is that their support page confirms its existence. It’s also worth noting this is going to be a pretty sizable update, around 400MB (give or take), so best reserved for a Wi-Fi download.

Excited for this news or have you long since moved on from the HTC Thunderbolt?

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