HTC M7 Coming March 8th, So Says New Rumor

HTC M7 Coming March 8th, So Says New Rumor

HTC m7

HTC m7

More than likely you’ve heard that a new HTC high-end Android handset is set to make its reveal on February 19th, just ahead of MWC 2013. This handset is said to be called the HTC M7.

What we know is that this flagship will be HTC’s answer to phones like the Sony Xperia Z and the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4, but when is it coming? A new rumor claims it could be here sooner than you’d think– as early as March 8th.

The rumor says not only that it will arrive in the beginning of March, but that it will arrive in a silver/white or black matte color choice. So why such a hurry to get it to the market? Likely HTC is hoping that it can generate enough hype before the Samsung Galaxy S4 or Xperia Z cut in and steal their thunder completely.

So what do we know about the actual hardware here? The rumors seem to indicate that the HTC M7 will look quite similar to the Droid DNA (HTC Butterfly), but will feature a smaller 4.7-inch screen, a quad-core 1.7GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor and a 13MP camera. Yes, it will still have 1080p display capabilities from the sounds of it.

So what do you think, excited about the HTC M7 or more curious about the Galaxy S4 and the upcoming Xperia Z?

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