Google Granted Patent for Multi-Flash

Google Granted Patent for Multi-Flash



On most smartphones, your camera tends to have just one or two flashes to help it out. However, Google has plans to change all that, according to a patent they filed back in September of 2011.

The patent shows a design featuring up to 8 LED flash bulbs assisting the continually advancing camera technology in handsets. The fact the patent was filed so long ago means Google has been throwing the idea around for some time now. The patent doesn’t necessarily mean we will be seeing the multi-LEDs on future handsets, but does mean they have considered the idea.

Google has filed patents in the past for technologies they haven’t yet utilized, but the possibilities for multi LED flash designs is endless. Not only would the flashes create better lighting for photos, but it could be used to snap multiple photos to be combined for HDR photographs.

Are you excited for the possibilities of this patent? Not only would dark light photos be amazing, but just think how bright your flashlight app would be.

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