LG Nexus 4 Back in Stock at Google Play Once More

LG Nexus 4 Back in Stock at Google Play Once More


LG Nexus 4

Epic news folks, the Google Play Store is carrying the Nexus 4 again for U.S. Customers. Additionally the German Play Store has also reportedly received stock of the Nexus 4 as well– so the bottom-line is to check your region’s store now and jump on the possible opportunity to get your hands on the LG Nexus 4.

Now for the bad news. They might be listed for order, but they aren’t necessarily fully in stock just yet– as indicated by a long shipping time. The shipping time for the Nexus 4 is estimated at 1 to 2 weeks. Still, that’s a lot quicker than the many months several of us have waited so far.

So how long will the Nexus 4 stay this time? It is hard to say, but here is to hoping that LG and Google have finally put their act together and prepared enough stock to fully satisfy demand without having to list Nexus 4 as “Sold Out” once again. Anyone order their Nexus 4 today, or has the long wait resulted in you jumping ship to a different handset instead? Let us know in the comments below.

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