iPad 128GB Model on its Way Soon?

iPad 128GB Model on its Way Soon?



It looks like Apple is gearing up for a new model of the 4th-gen Apple iPad. According to 9to5mac, developers have found code in iOS 6.1 pointing towards a newer 128GB version of Apple’s popular tablet.

Adding ot the rumor, SKUs from an unnamed “high-profile US retailer” have supposedly leaked suggesting a new “ultimate” version of the iPad. This fits along with “Good”, “Better” and “Best” being used by Apple in the past to describe storage sizes.

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If this is all true, how much will the 128GB version of the iPad run you? According to 9to5, it is believed the Wi-Fi model will set you back $800 and the 4G version with cost a whopping $929. Really, considering Apple’s premiums though, it isn’t all that shocking of a price.

What do you think, would you ever pay so much for a standard tablet or at that price point would you be better off considering a Windows 8 tablet or hybrid instead?