HTC Mini is a Dumb Phone for Your Smartphone… Confused Yet?

HTC Mini is a Dumb Phone for Your Smartphone… Confused Yet?

HTC Mini

HTC Mini

I haven’t quite decided if the newest accessory from HTC is absolutely genius or completely nuts. It seems that HTC has realized that the trend of bigger phones is catching on and yet not everyone wants to hold these bad boys up to their ears. The solution? A phone for your phone.

Yep, this bluetooth-connected dumb-phone seen in the photo above provides an easy, comfortable lightweight solution for your calling pleasure. It doesn’t have its own number, instead relying on your larger phone or phablet to provide it with the connection for calling.

When I first caught wind of the HTC Mini, my first though was “WTF”. Giving it a little time to grow on me, I think there is SOME limited potential for this gizmo. Right now the HTC Mini is being targeted at the Chinese market, at it is here that the phone makes a lot of sense.

Why? There seems to be a growing trend in China were some folks are carrying larger phablets and phones for their web, texting and multimedia needs. Additionally, they are carrying a “dumb phone” for straight up calling and other ‘basic’ uses. These folks might love the idea of having both devices yet not having to worry about two numbers. OR, if they want to keep numbers seperately, there are many larger Chinese phones that have dual-SIMs that might work with this kind of configuration.

Again, the HTC Mini is probably a niche device, but that doesn’t mean that it is a bad idea. Just one with limited appeal. Outside of China? Honestly, if it could eventually be adjusted to work with tablets, this could be pretty useful.

Imagine having your mobile broadband-capable tablet in your backpack and your HTC Mini in your pocket for taking calls. This is again a limited use scenario, but there are folks that would find this interesting.

Bottom-line, the HTC Mini is a crazy idea. Whether the idea is totally crazy and meant for failure or crazy like a fox? That remains unseen.

What do you think, any possible uses you can think of for the HTC Mini or is this a concept that HTC is better off shelving away?

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